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Location Strategy services for dentists and their advisors in the USA.

Most people drive around town choosing a random location hoping it will make them millions.

Don’t be like other people.
Don’t leave your success up to chance.
Don’t rely on “what feels right” or what intersection “looks busy.”

Find the best location for your new practice using Realscore’s Dental Demographics and Competition Ratio Reports and Studies.

Be confident in your practice location!


(Hint, that’s just one piece of Location Strategy)

Watch our discussion with David James, Founder and CEO of Realscore, to learn
the #truth about what you need to know about Location Strategy. In this episode, we cover:

• What the heck is a Location Strategy, and how it affects the legacy you leave.
• Discover the 5-Step Location Search Process.
• How your Location fits into your Big Business picture.
• Why NOT to base your search on Zip Codes.

And more!

Realscore’s Location Strategy Services

  • One-on-One Consulting
  • Competition Ratio Analysis for All Practice Types
  • Current and Forecasted Demographic Data
  • Results Tailored to Your Business Goals
  • Industry-leading Map Integration
  • Results based on Census Block Group Technology

The Benefits of Working with Realscore:

Know Your Market Baseline.
Is your practice stagnant? Wondering if it’s your market or your marketing that needs improvement? Avoid guesswork. Know where you stand.

Due Diligence.
Location matters for valuing practices. Ensure that the price you pay for a practice reflects the actual market and growth potential.

Speed Up the Process.
Accelerate your practice opening by finding your location faster with greater certainty and reduced risk. Get to living the life you love.

Show Growth Potential.
Show investors, new associates, and potential partners your value. Build their confidence in their decision to join and invest in creating a legacy together.

Communicate Better.
Make your interactions with Advisers faster, more productive, and more efficient by making decisions using the best resources on the market.

Answer Big Questions.
Evaluate strategic moves such as relocating, adding an office, buying or leasing a specific building, hiring an Associate for expanding, and much more.

Are you ready for practice ownership?

Save money and shave months off of your location search. Contact Realscore for your exclusive Start Up Uncensored offer!

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